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Football field maintenance

When I tell people that I'm the landscaper who looks after our team's football field they are really impressed, and a little jealous. I don't think they know how much work it is though - it's definitely trickier than keeping your backyard looking green. Not only does my football field need to look lush, it also needs to be perfectly even so that the ball doesn't bounce at crazy angles, and not so soft that the players boots sink in. I need to keep up with all of the latest tricks that landscapers have, and I write these up here so that everyone can give them a try on their own fields.


Football field maintenance

Natural-Turf Lawn Installation Options

Brad Craig

Are you mulling over installing a natural turf lawn on your residential property? While everyone loves the look and feel of a healthy, lush-green, real grass lawn, not all natural lawns are installed the same way.

There are two main methods available for laying new natural lawns: seeding and sodding. Read on below to learn more about each installation option.


Lawn establishment using seed can be achieved either by traditional seeding or by hydro-seeding.

Traditional grass seeding is the least expensive way to establish a new lawn. However, it is by far the slowest and least reliable method of lawn establishment. If you're in no hurry to enjoy the soft feel of real grass under your bare feet, this might be a suitable option for you.

Hydro-seeding is a newer alternative to regular seeding. It involves applying a mixture of seed and fertiliser to the soil during lawn establishment. Where mulch is added to the mixture, this method of lawn installation is called hydro-mulching. The most obvious advantage of hydro-seeding over normal seeding is it leads to faster lawn establishment. On the downside, it may not allow seed to establish proper contact with the soil, hence optimum seeding may not be achieved. 

Because of the amount of time it takes to grow a mature, healthy turf lawn using seed, seeding methods may not be appropriate for people who want to see the results of their lawn installation project quickly and with less hassle.

Choosing the right quality seed for your soil type and taking proper care of the seeds post-installation is essential for successful lawn establishment.


This method of lawn establishment was mainly born out of the need to lay new lawns faster than using seed. It involves rolling out carpets of already-grown real grass onto your landscape to establish the type of lawn you want. Because of how it works, sodding produces an instant lawn that is more expensive than a seeded one. 

To call a sod lawn an instant lawn is, however, something of a misnomer because you should wait for your new lawn to root in before you can walk on it; this usually takes a few weeks after laying.

Whether you need seed or sod supplies for your lawn installation, you should be sure to choose a turf variety that is right for your site. The professionals at a lawn supply company can help you determine which turf supplies your landscape needs.